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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes sir, yes sir! Four bags full!

Paco came home from the fair today with this surprise. He told me to follow him to the truck, close my eyes, and hold out my hand. Snikeys! Wool from a couple of black sheep! Not only that, but an invitation to attend a Dutch oven dinner in Geneva (not Switzerland. All of Bear Lake's hamlets have exotic European names. I think the settlers were homesick in a BIG way) where I will receive bags and bags of.....drum roll.......llama wool!!!! I guess I'll...wash it? Card it? Grind it into flour? I don't know. Stay tuned. Look for pictures of smashing handknit mittens next winter. My wool deliverer also offered an early Christmas present--wool carders. Does it get any better?


eileen c said...

What more could a girl ask???

David and Shelly said...

You'd better oil up the ol' spinning wheel. I'd like some mittens please :o)

Mad Hadder said...

Did you wear your other mittens out??? I'm not sure what color wool from black sheep produces. Gray? Semi-black?

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