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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Row Row Row Your Boat!

Day 6 of our RoadTrip! Came in as #1 Favorite activity when we voted at the end. What these pictures don't show is some of us going in for a swim when the Snake River got more calm. I had a demon of time getting back in the boat! Picture trying to swing your leg about 4 feet in the air over a greased beach ball to hoist yourself up 4 feet and back into the boat! Apparently it was more fun to watch than attempt because EVERYONE in the boat (including the Chinese who one would have thought would be more genteel) had tears streaming down their faces.


eileen c said...

If only we had pictures of that moment. It is forever burned in my memory.

David and Shelly said...

At least you still have your dignity.

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure that's what I looked like the first time I tried to climb back in the raft on my first rafting trip. And of course, everyone in the boat was laughing instead of helping. Jerks!

But it sure makes for good memories, doesn't it?

Jill said...

That would never happen to me because I'm too chicken to go rafting. :)However, the vision your description brought to mind was quite comical.

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