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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day

All I Really Need to Know About Mothering I Learned From My Mother

1. Don't brag about your kids.

2. A pot of soup on the stove cooking when people come home at night will do much to calm nerves.

3. Get all the education you can!!!

4. Don't slump!

5. Don't sleep in! There's work to be done!

6. Give practical gifts!

7. Help who and where you can.

8. Wipe the shower down after you're finished.

9. If one style looks good on you, make sure you have a whole closet of the same thing!

10. Avoid Mother's Day at all costs. Overly sentimental.

(editorial note: As I typed that last word, I overheard Mugsy at my side upchucking--he's been nibbling at grass all day. I looked around for a mother, sadly realized I was she, and now I shuffle off to do what mothers do...even when your "kid" is a dog. Happy Mother's Day to all!)

1 comment:

David and Shelly said...

Huh, I'm trying to count how many of those things that I've learned from you, only to find out they came from Grandma!

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