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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kit one purl two

This is Kit. She was a wonderful Christmas gift from my son's family. I have been waiting for Kit for--oh---7 or 8 years. She is shown here wearing a beret and sweater I immediately knit her. During the Christmas holiday I happened to be in New York and visited the American Girl Doll store there on Fifth Avenue. Talk about a feeding frenzy!!!!!!!! Thousands and thousands of little dolls being pushed and shoved along with their owners and their families! Thousands...maybe more. An economic crisis in America?? I think not--at least not there. That, my friends, is a million dollar industry and now I am a part of it. I'm so proud.


David and Shelly said...

Did you make that sweater and hat???!!! How cute!

Mad Hadder said...

Yes, I made them both. I think my blog says that.

Karrots said...

Yay for American Girl Dolls!

Tag and Tracy said...

I love it! She looks awesome :)

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