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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here's mud in your eye...

I've never cared much for March. Let's be honest. I detest it. It's that nasty precipice month that you have to cross over to get from winter to spring. Here in Brrrrrrr Lake it's made even less desirable by a constant tease--mud, snow, snow, mud, wind, snow, mud, wind. You pretty much have to take a combo meal for the whole month. This year has been particularly challenging because of the undue amount of snow that's fallen. So I whine. And WHINE! And WHINE!!!!! If March were a snowman, I'd kick its head off and scatter its coal eyeballs!!!!! There!!! Take that you ugly month! AND THAT! We escaped to Denver to do the grandkid/zoo/dog vs. cats/family mediation thing. No snow there. Even sun. But then the second we round the bend to within sight of Rancho El Haddo--there you go. A blizzard. And reverting to a former theme...what's with the houseful of dead flies??? Can anyone shed some light on that? It looks like one of those ice age spontaneous storms (you know. The ones that supposedly froze mastadons mid sentence) blew in immediately obliterating all flies who had taken advantage of an empty house in which to breed! Eeery. Back to the mud. Why mud? Why wind? I need answers here! I sure hope April sashays in and restores my faith in life. And soon!!!! Our porch is covered with our muddy shoes that we've had to kick off. We're feeling very white trashy. Maybe we should just succumb and do what I read about in a 7th grade essay the other day. Let's all just fill the corral with water and wrestle! How redneck does THAT sound? Slide in it. Throw it. Make pies. Mud facials. Tackle each other. Should this truly appeal to any of my readers (and I know you're out skulkers, you) come on out. Wear something disposable. Remove all jewelry. What happens at Chez Hadd, stays at Chez Hadd...


Laura said...

Whenever I need a good laugh, I visit your blog, and today you did not disappoint.

When I was a freshman in high school, the seminary opening social was mud football. For days, the seminary teachers went out into the open field next to the building to remove rocks and water the dirt to make this giant mud pit. There was touch, which turned into tackle, football, red light green light, and other fun games. It was a blast--even if it was a little redneck.

If you turn your corral into a giant mud pit, I totally want to come. I'll have my mom watch the babies. Or better yet, I'll let them join in on the fun, too.

Elyse said...

Great to hear from you however haphazardly it may be. Am with you all the way on this March thing. Went to Las Vegas for the supposed "Spring Break" and actually found spring. Subsequently it was nothing short of torture to return. Hey-rednecks have $, so be sure to charge for your mud pit frolic. Mud ought to be worth something to someone!

David and Shelly said...

Maybe you need to pave your driveway. Just a thought. Need I repeat what you have been saying your whole life about BL? "You weren't supposed to LIVE in Bear Lake!"

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