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Friday, January 25, 2008

Cabin Fever

We have a condition in the tundra here known as Cabin Fever. Those acquainted with it know that you don't mess around when you're trying to cure it. They also know that ignoring the malady can result in ax murders, poor shoe purchases,or unexplained disappearances of family pets. I woke up today with a raging case of it. One would think that with TWO (count them, readers! One! Two!) snow days off of school last week--20 bigs ones WAY below here in Brrrrrr Lake--I'd be in rare form, ready to compose concertos or redo entire floors of ye olde farmhouse here. But no. I was in a funk. So I put on ABBA and danced around in the kitchen while my bacon was sizzling. Feeling better. Then I wrestled with the Mugster. A tiny fit of funk still growled from deep down. So then I cuddled up in our library with 8 episodes of The Office and finished my American Girl doll sweater. A friend called to invite me to a High School Musical Fest. Seeing some blue sky now... Paco (I'm going to use code names for people in my blog from now on...10/4 Good Buddy)-- is enticing me to ski with him out in our field. Cabin Fever BE GONE! Should it creep wickedly back, I am prepared to fight it with quiche cooking as I write and an evening of C.I.B.---(Catalogs in Bed)--1)Rev up the electric blanket to about a "6" 2)Slither into flannel 3)Load up with all manner of seed, gardening, knitting, Mother Earth News, and toy catalogs 4)Spring into bed and stick cold feet on Paco's back 5)Grab the lion's share of blankets over to my side 5)Read, comment, circle, and underline as you watch the night grow darker and colder 6)Dump all magazines on the floor (avoiding dog preferable) just as you drop off...zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Ben, Rach, and Hebe said...

I cannot tell you how much I miss sitting in your class. Just reading this post took me back to those "Ren and Stimpy" days.

Hopefully you all warm up soon.

Mad Hadder said...

Hi Rachel, I saw your mom the other day. It's so fun to be back here. Come and visit! I sorely miss all of my old students too. Let's have a reunion!!!!!

David and Shelly Myers said...

ABBA and bacon, ahhhh, it doesn't get any better than that!

amyjane said...

Seriously, I don't know how you guys LIVE in that weather...I can't beleive I ever did! We're feeling fairly housebound as well but still. It's not quite so cold anywhere else, you know? Good luck fighting the funk!

Tag and Tracy said...

Cabin Fever, Eh? A little trip to Denver might just cure that! We are so excited that you guys are coming out for Easter.

eileen c said...

Has there been a thaw yet? I'm waiting for your next post...

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