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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rosie's Walk

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I thought of this picture book when I was up and about and out taking a constitutional this morning.  It's a simple story of what Rosie the chicken passes as she takes a morning stroll around the farmyard.

I was up early enough today that all I saw as I sauntered was this tourist bus coming up the hill and stopping at the mausoleum.

Catching this place before it fills up with tourists is worth the effort.

Water in this fountain is a new development!  

Picture the Pope and Morocco's king here just a short month ago.

I pointed myself towards the Kasbah and breathed in the clear ocean air (hopefully flushing out Cairo's bad air...) as I walked towards it.

At this point I crossed the street again and veered off into a side passageway and went through an open gate which opened up into this massive spectacular cemetery!  I had a good feeling that if I went to the top, I would see 



We have seen this cemetery from the beach, but we didn't see a way to get in or know if we'd even be allowed in!  At this point I was a little giddy because I LOVE ME a good cemetery!

Now I was truly free-wheeling it.  I followed my nose and ended up on a side street entrance into the medina.  Ever the snoop, I discovered hidden treasures.

Back on familiar turf, I cut through the garden park

and made my way home.  More Rosie's Walks in my future, and next time I'll bring along my companion.

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