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Monday, February 26, 2018

Channeling the Bard

Today I checked myself into an airbnb in Logan that Paco (a true prince among men) booked for me for four days.  This topic came up in the midst of our recent  Chinese adventure--not the one that lasted three years--the month one that we just came off of.  I intend to post about that, but the long and short of it is that Paco OWED ME BIG TIME.  He knew it, and I knew it, so here I am!  My tasks are spread out around me:  7,000 plus China photos that need to either get the boot or become immortalized in some sort of photo/essay journalistic endeavour.  I can't decide whether to make that heavy on mops and brooms or Chinese faces old and young or a combo.  So I'm seeking inspiration this week!  I also brought along my Survival (45 years this September...) journal (complete with original dirt and grit in the creases) which I am transcribing into Word.  I have a handful of grainy photos to accompany that as well. If memory serves me, I entered some of that journal on this blog. AND I am hoping to crank away on an on-going Top Secret project which is so private that I daresn't even mention it here, so pretend I didn't.  If I can find him on one of the dozen or so thumb drives I brought, then I will also give Gnoggin some of my attention.  He is a gnome I listen to in my head sometimes--another peach of a guy and HIS story--oh me oh my!!!  And this blog!!!!  I'm going to pamper it back into functionality. I also brought two books and my dudester scarf I am knitting.  Furthermore, I've peppered the week with a few lunch dates, a couple of visits to convalescent centers, and a babysitting chaser with my grandkids culminating with Paco himself appearing on Thursday for a sleepover!  I have a little shopping to do to replace my toiletries and freshly laundered underwear which I regret to inform any kind readers I stupidly left on a curb in Chengdu, China.  Oh how I wish I were making that up... the duffel bag also contained some other truly unique items of striking intimate apparel which were gifted to us by our Chinese hosts.  Oh, to have seen the look on the face of the thief who snatched the bag when he discovered the contents.  Gotcha!!

One can hope that I will break into symphonic eloquence here, and my coming days will be filled to overflowing with writing profundity.   Calling ALL muses!!!   Report for duty!!

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Patti said...

I hope the muses arrived! Love imagining the thief's reaction as he opens the duffel bag pinched from the curb, but sorry for your loss.

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