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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the Road Again--Revisiting the Silk Road

Fares in a muslem bazaar in Urumqi.

Turpin.  Jiahoe Ancient City

Here's an interesting mix of castle designer, cookbook writer, West Indies humanitarian missionaries, and fruit farmers!  We're all equally overwhelmed and awed by finding ourselves in China.  What the ???

The faces tell the story.


A couple of old geezers just traipsing around.

Stopping off at a private vineyard.

One of my readers (with whom I also share a gene pool) complained that my blog is fixated on mops, brooms, kids, and camels.  I'm thinking of focusing on snouts for awhile.  Here's at least one.

The kindest eyes!

School's out!

No seatbelts, and that driver looks what?  Ten?

We were on the tour bus when we passed this semi full of sheepskins being unloaded.   Simultaneously we yelled, "STOP THE BUS!!!" and were given a 10 minute photo break,

or we would have missed this!!

Mogao Grottos.  Pictures were prohibited, so I pirated from google.

These little sisters were jumping around down below us trying to get out attention.

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Patti said...

I have no objection to mops, brooms, kids or camels, but the snouts are a nice diversion.

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