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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


We need to drop back a little here.  Sure as shooting someday when I've reached the Depends stage of my life, someone will say, "Mad, have you ever been to Vietnam?" because I assume rest home conversations sometimes take those kinds of abrupt detours.  If I don't take a minute to document my time there, I will (if you'll excuse me) be caught with my Depends down UNLESS I can reach over onto my nightstand, shuffle under the bills and junk mail, and pull out my printed blog book!  "Why, yes!"  I'll say. " Back in early '15.   Dickens of a times we had there!"

This cozy couple looks like they're attached, don't they?  Nope.  She was posing with all manner of sailors.  Didn't know a one of them.  I assumed that because she and a girlfriend sauntered off arm in arm later on.

History re-written.  Anyone care to comment?

This was sobering.  Couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Some of the BYU teachers wouldn't even come on this tour of Vietnam/Cambodia because of ghosts from their past.  I don't have direct ghosts--just the kind many Americans have when they visit the memorial in DC and see the vets there...

On a lighter side...Halong Bay--a tourist's 3 hour tour dose of a gorgeous UNESCO site.  "Just sit right back and I'll tell the tale..." 

A shout out to my new camera!  No light?  No problemo!!!! 

You get the idea.  This place was eye socket wrenchingly beautiful. 

Vietnam!!! Who knew? 

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Patti said...

Vietnam. Such a range of emotions, and so beautiful.

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