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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hong Kong!

 We passed on the "Mushroom Wagyu Burger".  I'm pretty picky when it comes to my "wagyu"--whatever the heck that is...Looks like they were limited anyway.  Red pockets are used to gift money to Chinese children.  Large amounts capable of buying small cars in some cases, so I hear.

 A very pleasant 90 minute walk around Victoria Peak.  I got zapped by a flu bug in Hong Kong and wimped my way through 5 of the 7 days we were there, but I did drag my bones out of bed for a mighty romp above Hong Kong.  Disneyland will have to wait.  I wanted to get my money's worth there.

We were flying past this trying to catch a ferry, but I just had to stop and document the Hong Kong Apple Store genius bar line.  Iphone 6 was in its barely-just-home-from-the-hospital-keeping-everybody-up infancy stage.

 My new Canon that I bought in Hong Kong takes amazing low light shots!!

I guess you could call this "Fortune Row" because each little space houses an honest-to-goodness fortune teller!  Dozens of them!

Take this gal, for instance.  She's waiting patiently for a customer, browsing the web as she ponders perhaps  her next brush with prognostication profundity.  As I suspected, even the most exotic of jobs eventually become somewhat routine..

Just plain cool.


I counted 12 bags of Chinese takeout!  I hope he gets tipped!

Paco--doing his best Happy Buddha imitation!

 A special shout out to the Myers!  We discovered this Turkish cafe tucked away and dined there twice.  When the management wasn't looking, I squirted those bottles of sauce on the tables straight into my purse--oh my goodness--they were magnificent.

THIS guy!!  Let me tell you about THIS guy!!  He was writing these Chinese characters using nothing but salt or sugar dribbled from one hand!!!!!  I know!!!!!  I should have taken a front shot, but once again we were racing to catch a ferry.

As if we need a reminder that we're a long way from home...Happy New Year to All.


Patti said...

Sorry you were sick in Hong Kong! Another amazing place, with amazing sights and people!

Shelly said...

Three Forks bwahaha

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