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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who Knew...

 that dogs in China have complete wardrobes?  Since the weather has cooled, every day is a virtual Easter Parade of decked out canines!

that Mad needed to come clear across the world to find such complete photographic satisfaction in simple mops and brooms?  The added implements here are wax strainers--useful for removing copious amounts of solidified melted wax out of the water bases of...

these!  Burn a candle for good luck in the coming year!

But, of course, every tradition has its downside.

 (I threw that glove in at the last minute for effect--as did I also with this photo.)

Who knew monasteries held such mysteries as a free floating ball carved in the mouth of a beast,

or that Buddhist monks dry robes and longjohns in the recesses of their monastery? Is this the world's most beautiful laundry room or what???

I found these jokers languishing on the opposite side of that laundry room.

Who knew stairs leading up could be so enticing,

 or that this is the correct spelling of fier?  After all these years!!

 Who knew most of my Chinese friends would be under 3 feet and wear the greatest hats,

 or that some Chinese families include two children and another on the way??

 Who knew you could glaze strawberries and eat them off a stick,

or that so many willing subjects would leap before my camera?  And lastly, who knew

I would find the history of China

 etched onto these faces--telling stories I could never read in a book or see in a movie

or ever...

dream in a dream?

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Patti said...

Oh the stories they could tell. Thank you for including the many different faces and people, as well as a look behind the scenes of everyday living.

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