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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yes, I Named My Son Tsunami! Wanna Make Something Out of It?

I have a smart phone now.  Yes, I know you're probably reacting like you would if I told you I'd finally retired my Woody!  My phone is sleek and beeps nicely.  It fits comfortably into my palm and even receives photos!!!--something my former dumb phone could not.  I can check my email, surf the net, press myself silly.  But my enamoration with it stops there.  What I CAN'T do is text or enter contacts in the keyboard!!!!!!!!.  I'm writing this to explain why some of my texts to you may read thusly:  "Sure" (when asked if I will be attending the hockey game on Friday) or "Sweet" (when sent a quite heartfelt Valentine's message) or "Check my goodreads accounts" (when my good friend asked for book recommendations prior to her trip to Hawaii--so so sorry, Elyse).  My frustration peaked this morning when I was trying to enter my son's name in my contact list.  Do I just have such abnormally fat fingers that I am incapable of isolating one key at a time??????????  His name is Tag (actually I would have written out his full beautiful name, but for my purposes "Tag" would have to suffice).  So here's what I could come up with:  "Tagain", "Tavern", and over and over and over and over and over (despite my feeble attempts to man the backspace key)---"Tsunami".  My second beloved child is now Tsunami.  Why would my phone immediately assume that what I was REALLY trying to write (Heaven Help Me...) was "Tsunami" when over and over again I put in the letters T and A?--is tsunami becoming mainstream in our vocabulary?  No one told me.  This might also explain why I had to settle for "Body She Ever" when I was really trying to enter Safe Haven.  I suppose at some point I will learn to read the code and just as cheerfully press "Gaudy Cheese Cover" for the name of my florist or "Funny Root Sliver" for my Young Women's Group.  But gosh darn it!  Why should I????? 


Patti said...

Hysterical! I now understand why some of my very literate friends have Facebook posts that sometimes make no sense. I don't think those phone keyboards fit anyone's fingers!

Shelly said...

Too funny! Ya, you gotta watch out for that auto correct. Don't let it cause animosity between you and your phone though. :o)

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