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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Horror of Horrors

I heard a scratching scratching coming from the stove today. Not making this up--Mugsy heard it too!!! A few days ago I came down to breakfast, and a white mouse was lying dead in front of the stove. When I returned from the other world to which I had immediately fled (the ultimate HAPPY PLACE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!) I knew that I had no choice but to sweep it into a dustpan (I did the whole thing with my eyes shut) like the big big girl that I try to be...sometimes, for the most part--oh, I'm so NOT a big girl when it comes to mice. But just WHO was I going to call? Not even a cat around. But today's matter!!!!!!! What to do?????????? Part of me wants to set fire to the entire house and never look back! What scratches?? What can get into an oven? Can it get out unaided??? I WILL NEVER AGAIN OPEN THE OVEN DOOR!! We will have to liquify all food that needs baking from here on out and insert it into the oven with a hypodermic! I guess I just really feel the need to go public with this matter today because should you not hear from me, please come and investigate. And be prepared to find conditions indescribable perhaps. I'm just saying--Mugsy may survive a direct encounter, but Madhadder will not. That's all.


Shelly said...

Maybe you'd better rethink spending the winter alone. What else is Mugsy good for it he can't rid the house of pests??

Mad Hadder said...

Hey Shelly! Let's tell the world that Madhadder is ALONE!!!! She's particularly vulnerable to knives! She's home from ____ to ____!! Call ahead! Make a reservation!!

Laurel Jensen said...

Marilyn, really we're going to have to do some rodent desensitivity training. We'll have to do it together, possibly include Kearis. Uggg! I hate the little devils. I can handle spiders, snakes, and yes, even the maddening flies better than the startle of a mouse....or even the tell tale sounds of one! Good luck till we complete the course. Laurel

Taggart said...

I think you need to eat Mugsy to survive.

Patti said...

EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Having just been through a mouse infestation (and living to tell the tale) I was very impressed with your bravery. I have not yet had to actually dispose of a dead mouse. The bravest I ever got was trapping two hyperventilating mice under containers (the heat drove them out of the wall) for a knight in shining armor to dispose of. They would keep until someone of a stronger ilk could come and do what needed to be done. EEEEEEEE!!! I'm not much help, but I am home after all my summer meanderings, which I did NOT post beforehand.

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