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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School's Out! Movie Time!

I have no idea if I watch my "share" of movies or not. Some accuse me of sleeping through many. That's just not true--only about 10%. However, I will admit Ive watched SIX in the last 48 hours. Excessive, I know, bordering on idle. In my own defense, this is subnormal activity for me. With that, I shall redeem my actions by reviewing these movies to the best of my slanted ability:

THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE--This was in our Netflix que. So many book and movie recommendations come my way that I'm incapable mostly of tracing sources. This one falls into that category. It deals with King George of Revolutionary War fame. Folklore (as evidenced by Paco running up the stairs with Google's King George info after I yelped down "Why's this guy nuts?") attributes his bouts of madness (incoherent talking, random hustling everyone out of the castle because of an impending flood, wild flailing, general foolishness etc.) with arsenic which was found in his hair follicles--apparently he was dug up. The note at the end of the movie attributed it to a genetic malady which resulted in sporadic "misconduct". His medical treatments/tortures were OFF THE WALL!!!! For a romping good time asking yourself "They did THAT to a KING?" go get this one. I had NO idea. A facet of our country's beginnings of which I knew nothing.

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE--From our library. Oh, but it makes me belly laugh! I LOVE IT! This time around it hit a little too close to home what with the unemployment and all. Jim Carey is like concentrated orange juice--you don't sit down and eat him with a spoon in large doses. But he is just perfect in this. Jane the wife is marvelous. A movie for our time...actually a remake. Funny funny.

MONA LISA SMILE--The best parts of this movie are Julia Roberts' roommate who teaches poise and ettiquette at Wellesley--she's imprisoned herself in unfulfilled dreams-- and the 50's ads at the end of the movie right before the credits. I'm a sucker for books and movies about privileged kids. Add in some 50's and archaic ideas and you have a ringer. Go get it and watch it again.

BEYOND THE GATES--Wow. Rwanda. Priest. Young teacher. Gifted students. Mayhem. U.N. politics. Blood. Betrayal. Wow.

CRY IN THE DARK--"The Dingo ate your baby." This was stomach churning intense. I actually found it among my collection and removed the cellophane! No idea it was there. I was rivetted. An Australian family is camping when they discover a dingo leaving the scene and their 12 week old baby daughter is gone from the tent. That would be nightmare enough, but THEN the mother is accused of murder! The ultimate TRUE nightmare. Meryl Streep. The dingo as himself. Spoiler alert: When the mother's sentence was announced I gasped so loud I woke Mugsy up with a start!

NEW MOON: From the public library. I always strive to give writers a chance--especially those with whom I share alma maters (mati?). But come on, folks. Really. Bella is portrayed as the most depressing flat, morose, mundane of characters--AND THAT'S WHEN SHE'S AROUND EDWARD!!!!! Jacob has potential until he shaves his hair off and MORPHS into A Wally Cleaver look-alike!! All the rest of them need LIVER!! I just don't GET the Twilight books. And Badly badly acted movies. Dakota Fanning?? Did she show up there in that Italian part? I confess I haven't finished this one. Lobotomy? Unanaesthetized C-section? Or New Moon? Don't make me choose.

What have you watched lately?


Laura said...

I'm am such a huge movie watcher. We watch movies 5 nights a week at my house. So I always love new viewing suggestions. My thoughts on those you listed:

King George--not seen this, but I love Helen Mirren. Will add to my Netflix account.

Dick & Jane--my favorite line (which I quote often) is from the little boy when he says "I want to watch Sponge Roberto Square Pantelones!" Never fails to make me think of Scott Kunz.

Mona Lisa Smile--I'm a sucker for anything with Julia Roberts. Haven't watched this one for a while, though.

Beyond the Gates & Cry in the Dark--not seen either of these, but good actors can make or break a movie. Love Hugh Dancy and Meryl Streep so I will give both of these a try.

New Moon--I agree on the bad acting. Kristen Stewart has as much emotion as a cucumber. But I can't help but admit that I love these books for what they are--mindless reading that reminds me of being a young teenager in love.

My movie recommendation for you is The Young Victoria. Costumes--breathtaking. Acting--convincing and moving. Story--I love stories based on real events, but I have a hard time believing all that drama really occured. At any rate, I thought it was a great 2 hours spent in the 1800s.

Mad Hadder said...

Thanks, Laura! Will do!

Janelle said...

I have to agree with Laura on New Moon although it is my least favorite of all the books I still love the books and watched the movie for the first time with all my high school girl friends I think you have to get into your 16 year old head to enjoy the movie but I did love it! I loved fun with Dick and Jane but it was a little harder to watch with the reality we are living in right now! My fav movie that I have watched lately is So I Married an Ax Murder, I had never seen it before and laughed through the whole thing, and even better it is a movie you can stream with Netflix so I didn't even have to wait for it to get mailed to me!!!!

Mad Hadder said...

Hi Janelle!! I'm going to stream that one on your recommendation.

Laura said...

So I Married an Axe Murderer is HILARIOUS!!

Sarah and Lizzie used to watch it and then make up quizes to send to each other. Questions like "What is the title of the magazine that the mother reads?" "How many empty bottles are on the end table when Charlie's father is singing drunk?" "What does everyone call the Alcatraz tour guide?"

I have to watch this movie now! Oh Marilyn! I will be so sad if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...
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Jill said...

Unlike my daughter, I am not a huge movie watcher. We were going to watch Young Victoria together and then illness changed our plans. :( The last movie that I watched that I loved was "The Magic of Ordinary Days", a Hallmark movie with Keri Russell. I think I'll send Eugene to the Red Box tonight. Thanks for the reviews.

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