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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going Green in Our New Machine!

Arriving in 8 to 12 weeks--licensed to be road worthy--a penny a mile to operate--50 miles on one battery charge--up to 35 miles an hour--seats four people or 2 people, a shih tzu, and one small llama! Thanks a tankload, Uncle Sam!!


Tracy Giles said...

We can't wait to come for a visit and drive it around!

Mad Hadder said...

Maybe I'll take a backroads trip your way...and arrive in 2011...

annie said...

You'll freeze in that thing. I'm jealous. You have fun toys.

Mad Hadder said...

Fun toys? A tractor? You're right about the freezing thing. At 25 mph I'm not sure we'll kick up too much of a breeze. It will be good for gadding about town.

Tracy Giles said...

I could just see you traveling the "backroads" of Wyoming. You would have every cow from there to here following behind you waiting for the feed to drop off the back. I'm sure they would make for great/ smelly company on your trip, and you might even get a funny story or two out of it. I say you give it try and we'll just hope that we still even live in Colorado by the time you arrive. Oh, just got your email and I will check for those magnets on Monday.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Awesome. My husband had access to a small John Deere Gator for five years at a job he had. It was his favorite thing ever.

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