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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Please Note Your Escape Exit

In my continuing quest to report where no man has gone before, I bring you this late-breaking (actually a month ago) story straight from the heart of Brrrrrrrr Lake as told to me by a student. Let me pause here to say that the majority of what I hear each day comes from the mouths of pre-pubescent (and in some cases pubescent) citizens. I don't make this stuff up nor do I usually question the veracity. In this case, the accompanying photo adds credence. Back to my story--about a month ago the owners of this garage were having some house work done and had left the back (not in the picture) door open for the repair man. Picture a mountain lion entering that door, the wind blowing it shut, and the beast (forced to make a decision he was clearly not equipped to make having not evolved that far yet) exits (albeit it dramatically) through the side green door but not before he gives getting out through the large garage door a college try. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to re-enact this.


Patti said...! I'm mostly freaked out about a mountain lion wandering around in someone's house. It's a pretty amazing story and picture, but it still hasn't beaten out my all time favorite with the retainer and the cow giving birth. That one is seared into the brain, and it still makes me laugh and say "gross" all at the same time. :D

Mad Hadder said...

He wasn't in the house--just the garage. Yes that retainer sucking kid is still a live presence!

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