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Monday, October 13, 2008

We Go Back a Long Way...

On the eve of my daughter's birthday and for her...

1. You feed your baby seaweed.
2. You do the drama queen with such flair!
3. I can always count on you to remember special days..even if you're the only one.
4. Even when you probably have no business doing it, you still THINK you can do everything!!! And by sugar, you CAN!
5. We always get the giggles--even in places we REALLY shouldn't!
6. You are the best friend to so so many!
7. When you get in over your head (and YOU and I both know where and when...),you hang in there!
8. Look at the Domestic Goddess you've become!!!!
9. You are THE sister!
10. You picked the perfect husband and are raising such a charming son!!!!

Happy Birthday! What a better way to spend it than looking at a baby _________ leaping around in your womb!!!!!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Shelly!

David and Shelly said...

Wow, (sniff, sniff) gee thanks, Mom! Gosh, (shuffle, shuffle) I don't know what to say!
And I guess you can fill in the blank now.

pat said...

Waaayyy cute picture!

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