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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Send in the Clowns

Today's journal writing topic in 7th grade Writing was "Describe someone with whom you live." These journal topics ooze from my very pores. If one can be termed "topic gifted" I think that would be I, thank you. So I assign stuff I want to read about--that's an old Indian trick I learned about three millenia ago after reading 9 dozen essays devoted to summer vacations. Today several of the kids shared about pesky brothers, cute baby sisters; one kid even snuck his britney spaniel in as a "someone". But my favorite came from Miss "K" who volunteered to read her entry describing her 22-year-old brother by telling a rodeo story. It seems this brother was riding some rodeo animal (bull, bronco, psycho lamb)--I don't remember. But this animal bucked him off and then the hoof came down on the brother's ear ripping it off!!! "Whoa! Back up!" I exclaim. Yes, I'd heard right. What next???? We're all on the edge here!! She's holding her audience!!!
"So the clown picked it up out of the dirt, brushed it off, and handed it to him," says 7th grader reporter/sister. Now we're whooping, "What next????"
"Well, they all went to the hospital and it got sewed back on." End of story. Just another day in the life of a brother. And rodeo clown. I wanna meet THAT guy!
I love 7th grade. I find it superior in oh so many robust ways.


David and Shelly said...

I LOVE how you love the 7th grade.
Message from Charlie:
,xh hgx zfgzxzzzz

tgiles said...

Hey Ma. Did I tell you about the essay that I had to write to get into grad school?

"Describe someone that you don't like."

Fun one.

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