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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who's the Adult here?

Today during some down time (roughly translated that means I'm not standing in front of my class as the authority figure), one of my boys had taken scotch tape and taped one of his eyes from his eye brow down. That looked like an open invitation to Kid #2 to rip it off. How do I describe this? Think waxing. Think removing old bandages when you were a kid. Fortunately one of the merciful components of being a seventh grade boy who would think to tape his eyes is an apparent lack of pain receptors. But I'm so embarrassed to admit that what should have been me leaping across my desk to grab Kid #2 by the freaking scruff of his neck was me breaking out into uncontrollable guffaws with the rest of the class. It was hysterical! Do you ever look around waiting for the REAL adult to show up and make things all better only to realize that sadly you are now that adult...?


Laura said...

I read this post 3 times and laughed harder each time. As a parent, I am slowly realizing that I have to be the adult. That stinks. I want to be the one joining in with uncontrollable guffaws.

(reading again and laughing still harder)

This acutally happened??

Shell said...

I realized the other day when I was completely incapable of making a simple, yet grown-up, decision and after leaving the room, re-entering with composure, that I am not very good at being a grown-up. I'm still waiting for someone else to make the "grown-up" decision and do the "grown-up" thing. "What do you mean my mom isn't going to continue to make Christmas stockings for the rest of her life?? You mean, I have to step up and be the mom now??!! Since when??"

Shell said...

Nice use of "clandestine". I had to look it up on

Heber and his "Deli" aka: Adele said...

Oh the good old days. Do you remember when you showed me the "hair fight"

Mad Hadder said...

I do! I tried that the other day--you have to wait a few years between--and I SO got them! It's one of my favorites. Saw your mom in church and we chatted about you. So glad you're reading my blog. I'll have to dredge up some old stories! James Dean's birthday? I could post some pictures. I think I have some of you in fifth grade!!!

Tracy Giles said...

So funny! I would have been laughing right along with you.

AmyJane said...

That's awesome. One of the things I loved best about teaching was those moments that I forgot to be the grown up and the world still kept turning.

Ruuddudes said...

That's why those kids LOVE you! I should know. They tell me everytime I sub!

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