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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wa Wa Wa!!

All I seem to have attracted on my blog are WHINERS! I go into the comments looking for positive affirmations and all I read are: You're dropping out here! You're not writing comments back! You have a dirty nose!!!
Sheesh. Is this blogging just another responsibility??? I'm feeling some pressure to keep it going--sort of like a plant that needs watering or a dog you have to potty! I say to one and all -- I HAVE A LIFE TOO!!!
There I've vented. We're sweating here. It's hot and we're getting cranky. I'm in the process of breathing life (now, THAT'S NOBLE!!!) into my library. We got some really tall IKEA bookcases and I immediately began to load one up with my "vast' media. The idea was to have aisles (like a real library!), so I stuck a shelf kind of in the aisle position of the room. When I came back a while later, it had crashed to the floor, my videos and dvd's were scattered all over @$#%^$#!!, and now the wall has been gaping wounds. A tragedy of gargantuan proportions. I guess we'll have to fill up the holes and slap some more paint up. Putting books on shelves shouldn't be THAT big of a deal....unless you have to put them all in categories and alphabetical order. The older I get the more that way I have become. I guess I need to spice up this blog with some pictures. So anyway, what does blog mean? Is it an acronym? Best liberal offerings galore? Belly laughs or grins??? I'm just musing here. Maybe it's a combination of block and log or something. Anybody know the derivation of the word? Sweating here. Dripping all over the keys. Sticky. Grouchy. Thirsty. Book plus log equals blog. Actually it sounds more like a caveman name. Blog hungry!!! Blog make fire!! Blog hunt beast! Blog no like your face! So, there. I'm agonna post this. I guess I'm setting myself up for some more whiney wieney comments out there. OK. I have a question. Do you like look every day to see if I've posted???? Am I supposed to keep that good of track of you??????????????????? A little more info on blogness here, please. I realize the majority of my readers are yucking it up in California. I can't believe THEY have time to critique my blog, but nevertheless they are running home from Disneyland to fling some mud at my blog!!!! Enough already!!!!! Go put your mouse ears on the think happy thoughts. In the meantime, I'll try and be more regular. Prunes, anyone????


Tag and Tracy said...

Hello - I was very excited to see a new post. Yes, I check your blog often to see if there is anything new. The great thing about blogs is you can check them quickly and know what is going on in our lives. I think it is a great way to stay in touch with people. It only takes a minute to look at a blog and make a comment. You actually need to look at our blog because there is a message for you in the Post - I have been tagged. Read all the way to the bottom. We hope you enjoy looking at our blog. We try to keep it updated so that you and the other grandparents can see current pictures of Lily. I think your blog looks great. Let me know if you have any questions!

TannerJ5 said...

Ok, I'm sorrry....Aren't you gonna cuff me?BLIND ME WITH PEPPER SPRAY?(Now's your cue..."Apology accepted, I'm sorry for insulting you too.")
Moving on.
1.A tragedy in the library?It was mugsey, with the chew toy, and obviously,in the library.Horror movie in the making.
2. Yeah, I've heard it's hot there.I'll be home on the 12th.Hope it cools off.
3.Blog, straight from webster.

Main Entry: blog
Part of Speech: n
Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called [Weblog], [Web log]
Example: Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.
Etymology: shortened form of Weblog
Usage: blog, blogged, blogging v,
d. Yes, I may be in california, but I do still read your blog.
5. prunes are nasty.
See you on the 12th!!!

TannerJ5 said...

Oh, and...
6.One way you can see if people are visting you blog is a sitemeter.Visit this link (
to get one.Just choose the free option.It'll send you daily or weekly
reports on when and how many times your blog was visited.

tgiles said...

So, we'll call this positive reinforcement. It means that hopefully, it will increase the likelihood that the behavior (you writing in you blog) will occur again. Pictures? Maybe a cute Mugsy video? Link something from that you like.
P.S. I graduated. Did you send a card?
Hey, I have a real question. There is potentially a huge reward for the person(s) who can locate "Chips" for me. The are hard to describe, but it has been close to 20 years since I have had one, and I have been craving one for the last 10. They are about the size of M&M's and very chewy, almost like chewing on a pencil eraser or something. They come in Menthal, and black licorice flavors among others. They are divine. Where can I get them? ZCMI and my grandfather were my former suppliers. Help!

David and Shelly Myers said...

I was going down the list of blogs I have linked to my own and low and behold, an update! I love your blog "personality", mom.
You can even post updates from out there in the east while you are on vacation (hint hint), quite the concept. Mugsy misses you.
Meanwhile, back at the farm...

tgiles said...

Mom, is back east? Reminds me of the time I got a call from mom from London asking if I wanted anything brought back. I think if she were running for president, I would be the last to know. Oh. I found the Chips, and am savoring one at this very moment. Black licorice; mmmmm.....Brings back SO many fond memories of Grandpa Taggart.

Malsy said...

love you, glad you blog!! sorry we only got to see you for a few minutes! Love, MAlissa

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